Dylan’s First Movie

Dylan’s first movie was Se7en. Too soon? We’ll see. If he becomes a serial killer, we can point to this moment as a motivator. If he becomes Brad Pitt, my bad. If he becomes Morgan Freeman, you’re welcome.

We watched it at 5 a.m. on Halloween morning.

After this rewatching, Se7en is officially on my Top 20 movies of all time.


‘Star Wars’ is Coming! ‘Star Wars’ is Coming!

This week, news broke that George Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney for $4 billion.

My first thought was one of hope. Star Wars VII truly is “A New Hope.” While I have never considered myself a head-over-heels geek for all things Star Wars, it’s been pretty close. Between the films, toys, book and video games, I haven’t given any other franchise more time in my life. Continue reading

Don’t Brag About the Baby

I spent the first four days ecstatically bragging about every single thing I could.

“The doctor said this is the easiest delivery she’s ever done!”

“Her milk is already coming in!”

“I slept eight and a half hours the first night in the hospital!”

“He’s only fussy when we’re changing his diaper or he’s hungry!”

“The pediatrician says she’s never seen a baby gain weight back so quickly!”

“He’s insanely strong and already moving onto his side with his shoulders!”

“No, you don’t understand …”

Continue reading

The Delivery of Baby Boy Bayer

Her water broke at home, even though she recently told me that only happens in the movies. It was Friday night and I missed a call. Luckily, it only took me one minute to realize this and give Lisa a call back. I wasn’t truly focused on the time when I was dialing. I was still thinking about the poker game I was in with a group of friends. Thankfully, I only had 2.2 beers. Assuming Lisa was calling to say “goodnight” was incorrect.

“Jeff, I think my water just broke.” Later, at the hospital, I learned she released a stream of f-bombs when she woke up with a good bit of confidence that she didn’t she wet the bed. I assumed Lisa was wrong. Yes, it’s odd to doubt a doctor about such a matter, but I was pretty convinced we would make it to the full 40 weeks, you know, “because.” Continue reading