‘Star Wars’ is Coming! ‘Star Wars’ is Coming!

This week, news broke that George Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney for $4 billion.

My first thought was one of hope. Star Wars VII truly is “A New Hope.” While I have never considered myself a head-over-heels geek for all things Star Wars, it’s been pretty close. Between the films, toys, book and video games, I haven’t given any other franchise more time in my life.

I love that I might be able to share a new Star Wars moment with Dylan. If the first film comes in 2015, he won’t be ready. If it’s a trilogy, we’re golden. Not only that, Disney World is back in play. My wife isn’t a lover of the Mouse’s house. I’ve been plenty, including what I thought would be a “last time” with my niece and nephew. Now, with the possibility of many Star Wars rides, events and anything else they can think of … I’m back … with the boy.

The costume is courtesy of my brother-in-law who had his son wear it last year. Too soon?


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