The Ideal Baby Carrier (For Me)

It can get hot in here. By here, I mean me. If I exert any kind of effort, I sweat.

With that in mind, I searched for a baby carrier before Dylan arrived. I landed on the Ergo Sport. It was supposedly more breathable than a regular Ergo. I added the Infant Insert and was good to go.

The benefits:

  • very secure once fully attached

The flaws:

  • with the infant insert, it’s a sweat box, just hot as hell
  • trying to snap the lock around the neck is very difficult and I don’t know how someone would be able to do it with shorter arms than me (and I have very long arms)
  • you can’t stretch once it is on
  • my back quickly became sore because, unlike my wife, I didn’t slowly get used to carrying the bundle of joy known as Dylan
  • eating cereal and drinking hot coffee felt difficult because I was leaning over the top of the Infant Insert to do these things, and yes, I realize I could also practice a little patience, but come on, it’s coffee!

After eight days, I was ready to move on, especially jealous of my wife’s Baby K’tan. I shopped, and then I found it. The Baby K’tan Breeze. Same thing as my wife has, with mesh shoulders. Sold!

The benefits:

  • you can easily move around
  • it’s actually breathable
  • you can crack your back and stretch

The flaws:

  • difficult to learn, you actually have to do something called “slowly read through the directions”
  • it’s not as secure as the Ergo Sport

I didn’t return the Ergo Sport. I’m saving that for backpack mode, plus it can go up to 45 pounds whereas the Baby K’tan Breeze only goes up to 35 pounds.


3 thoughts on “The Ideal Baby Carrier (For Me)

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