Baby Boy Bayer Breathing

I assume parents will know this sound. I don’t think my child is unique (in this way … sigh, or any other for that matter). For those who haven’t raised an infant, I want to make sure you understand the following … I was not harming my son in any way. There is nothing restricting his airway, and he doesn’t have any illness. This is just a random minute. I’ve heard crazier. I’m hoping that wasn’t necessary to write and complete overkill, but I don’t want anyone knocking on my door, telling my wife that I shouldn’t be in charge any more. That’s her job to tell me I shouldn’t be in charge anymore, and I don’t want you ruining that eventual satisfaction. And now, on with the show!

This is one minute of Baby Boy Bayer Breathing.

For the record, each day I have about 14 total seconds of thought that consist of this, “Oh no, he might not be breathing.” Let’s just decide this is natural. My wife doesn’t appreciate when I tell her this, but I’ve decided I am not cursing the baby breathing gods, and it is OK to comment on my actual fears. Yes, I move him, or put my hand in front of his mouth, or do something to make sure everything is all good. The key word in that quoted thought is “might.” I don’t believe he has stopped, just that he might have stopped and that there is no harm in double checking. So in conclusion, am I the crazy one, or are you, for having read and listened?


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