Swaddling a Newborn: The Magical Escapes of Dylan Bayer

“You’ve got to swaddle your baby!” That is quote from every parenting book, every parent and everyone at the hospital. We knew it and were ready to make our baby into a burrito.

We were not ready for this magical escapes.

Every swaddle we saw was with arms down on a baby’s sides. So that’s what we did. It took us four days to realize this wasn’t going to work out. Every time we swaddled, Dylan was able to get his left arm free. Those who having taken care of a newborn, you should know that EVERY parent is now rolling their eyes at me. They think I didn’t swaddle him correctly. That’s not the case. Trust me. I was swaddling the hell out of that kid. So, we stepped it up a notch. We had a Miracle Blanket. That’s just a nice name for “baby straight jacket.”

The first time we used the Miracle Blanket, it worked like a charm with Dylan. The second time (insert scary sci-fi music) … he was learning, evolving. What Dylan was able to do actually was pretty close to a miracle. In only a few minutes he would dislocate his shoulder, wiggle his arm out of his clothes (sleeper with mittens), then somehow get out of the Miracle Blanket, and start to try to claw his face off. Luckily, his claws (nails) haven’t come in yet. My wife nicknamed him Houdini. Every part of the escape is true, except for the dislocating of the shoulder. That might not have happened. We thought we were done with swaddling, and then we realized there was another way. It’s called the “arms up” swaddle, and it’s perfect for active babies who want their hands near their faces for comfort. It works. That is how he naps.

Here’s my sister-in-law showing how it’s done.

It’s been one day. As Joey from “Friends” would say, “It’s all moo.” That’s right, as soon as the hands-up swaddle works, now we’re also realizing there are times when the hands-down swaddle is best.


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