The Infant Takes a Surprising Turn

We’ve been told by our pediatrician that our infant is strong.

When Dylan was seeing her at 2.7 weeks old, she decided to check out just how strong. Our doctor put him on his stomach, and the kid almost turned over. As our doctor said, “All he has to do was look up.” He didn’t. So he probably turned over 85 percent of the way. The doctor’s table, and the traction of being only in his diaper probably aided his attempt. It was pretty cool to watch, especially when she told me that this normally happens at four to five months.

After that, we gave Dylan “tummy time” as they call it, for a few minutes when we remembered. Some say you should do it every day right away, but we didn’t. Dylan didn’t seem too excited about tummy time, and didn’t get close to turning over. I stopped thinking about it or trying a week ago.

Today I took him up for his afternoon boob, and while my wife was still getting ready, I gave him a little tummy time in his crib, mainly because I was tired of holding him. He started to turn, and I said to Lisa, “If there wasn’t a slight curve in the mattress [trust me, it’s very slight], it looks like he’d turn over.” We starred for about five more seconds. His entire tummy time was probably 15 seconds.

Two days before he turns one month old … Dylan the kid turned over.

I was shocked and excited as hell. I yelped with joy. It was better than anything else Dylan has given me. That’s right, it’s better than the occasional eye contact, the dirty diapers, and the rare shrieks.

It doesn’t mean a thing that he turned over at less than one month old, except that it happened. The only thing it did was give me the realization that I can’t wait for all the other little moments.


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