The In-Laws Are Gone

inlawsIn a nutshell, here’s what my in-laws did for us while they were here for 3.5 weeks … everything.

My mother-in-law

  • Cooked an amazing homemade meal every single night. Seriously. Lisa and I have never eaten so good on such a consistent basis. Shrimp risotto, many chicken dishes, lobster macaroni and cheese, and four different kinds of lamb dishes, shattering our previous record of eating lamb at home (zero).
  • Brought approximately 10 dozen homemade cookies with her (they drove).
  • Would pare every meal with wine.
  • Refused to let anyone else clean up after a meal.
  • Bought me beer three different times.
  • Walked Austin (our dog) two hours every day.
  • Changed diapers.
  • Cleaned our house.
  • Cleaned out our refrigerator.
  • Would be upset if she couldn’t hold Dylan enough.
  • Let us feel like we were in charge.

My father-in-law

  • Installed a bottle opener on the wall, so I could open a bottle with one hand, holding Dylan with the other.
  • Tended to my three rose bushes to the point where I am convinced I could win a prize at the county fair if that was my thing.
  • Held Dylan at a moment’s notice, every single time.
  • Was willing to wake up at 4:30 a.m. if needed (though to be honest I think I gathered this was only about 30 minutes before his usual rising time).
  • Changed diapers.
  • Repaired our house plants.
  • Fixed our front window (we now have super awesome, professional looking, frosted glass).
  • Removed stains we’ve lived with for four years.
  • Bought us a vacuum cleaner.
  • Paid for our 1992 Dodge Spirit to be repaired.
  • Let us feel like we were in charge.
  • Built this … my very first garden.



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