Random Thoughts of Fatherhood: 2.5 Months

Underrated Parenting Moment: Trying to pick boogers out of your infant’s nose. Challenging, fun & rewarding. Small nose vs big fingers.

The best moment I can possibly imagine right now is not having to put my boy’s pacifier back in his mouth for him.

After 59 days of me strategically avoiding it (while it’s happened to my wife 12+ times) Dylan finally peed on me. On Christmas.

Is there some sort of Bane-looking (from Batman) device that muffles a baby’s screams? No, I’m not asking for a friend. Seriously? Can’t there be a safe thing that does this? Didn’t Herb invent something for Maggie like this in “The Simpsons”?

To whomever dumped a can of split pea soup in my kid’s diaper, well played. I didn’t even hear you sneak in the house.

I’m pretty sure the highlight of my day will be watching my son cough, which led to him immediately letting out a fart. Four times in a row.


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