The Diaper Rash is Done

Some sort of lingering redness around the anus of my son has been a part of the majority of our lives together. Good times. Not really.

I know this is not my fault. I mainly know this because my wife doesn’t blame me. It’s definitely not her fault because she’s a doctor, insanely intelligent, and has tried/read everything, and talked to everyone. Everyone means … four pediatricians, one pediatric dermatologist, and of course the internet.

Seriously. Look at these two pictures.

photo (1)


Some things made it worse. Some things didn’t do a thing. A few things made it better. We’ve tried everything in the above pictures, as well as changing his diaper brand three times, eliminating wipes with soft paper towel (Viva) and eventually settling on BabyKicks (natural & organic baby wipes).

What’s the final answer for us? Use a butt paste compound (which our insurance doesn’t cover, and costs about $45 a pound) and cake it on. If you hear a poop, change his diaper. Give him some open air freedom once or twice a day (we have a waterproof pad and a ton of my t-shirts for him to wear during this process). Also, my wife stopped eating dairy and bananas because maybe that causes it as well.

It seems like we’ll never know for sure. I am shocked there is not a “Diaper Rash Bible” complete with pictures, and instructions entirely composed of, “If you tried this, and it didn’t work, then do this next …”

Each doctor said, “Do ____, and it should be better in two to three days.” Thankfully the pediatric dermatologist was the most helpful (as she should be), but that was after five weeks of some sort of rash.

Parents should not live in a world of diaper rashes being complicated things.


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