So This Just Happened …

Today I started heating up the bottle on the stove instead of just running it under hot water. I took the bottle out of the water in the pot, and noticed it was a little warmer than usual (but not hot by any means). It still had a lid on (yes, we have fancy “tommee tippee” bottles). The lid popped off easily and a little milk shot out. I dabbed some on my wrist (like they do in the movies) and put a little more on than usual. “Not too hot,” I thought to myself. Then, I stuck my wrist in my mouth, and sucked up the milk [insert record scratching noise here].

No, I wasn’t thinking. Well, I was “kind of” thinking. I remember some sort of, “I should double check” thought going through my head, while bringing my wife’s breast milk to my mouth.

Yes, I immediately spit everything in my mouth out.

I didn’t get a good taste, and hopefully this is the closest I will come to ever finding out what it does actually taste like.


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