Dylan’s First Time in a Jumperoo

I want you to keep in mind that I am desperate for my son to laugh at me. It’s my main motivation … besides him feeling secure, loved, and all that crap. I want him to laugh at the faces and noises I happily make for him. Unfortunately, 99 percent of the time, he just smiles at those things. It’s a great smile, but it’s not a giggle, nor is it a laugh.

I recorded the first eight minutes of Dylan in a Jumperoo. I have no problem with the eye sore that is the Jumperoo. Our’s is a Fisher Price Rain Forest Jumperoo. This is the “highlight reel” of those eight minutes. It’s just under three minutes long. As you’ll see, I clearly had never put an infant in a Jumperoo before.

It’s been one week since I recorded that video, and Dylan hasn’t laughed at the blue frog since. I’m still making faces, and am happy to report he’s now laughing two percent of the time, instead of just one.


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