The Cost of Trying to get Dylan to Laugh

As you know, I want Dylan to laugh. He’s doing it a little bit more, and I love every second of it used to love every second of it. Let me set the stage.

Just before bath time, I tickled Dylan under the armpits. He exploded with giggles. I did it again. Same result. This continued for a half minute and then I called Lisa. She came, watched our son laugh, and after another 30 seconds, she grabbed her iPhone.

In the video, his laughs turn to cackles. I tell you this mainly because when he’s laughing, he sounds better than what the video shows. If his laugh always sounded like this, I wouldn’t be desperate for it.

Lisa starts off by explaining that his penis is definitely not in the shot. Not true. You can’t see it because I just learned how to crop video clips in iMovie. But beware, if Lisa ever says a penis isn’t being filmed, it probably is.

At the :15 second mark it happens. You can tell because you’ll see a few drops appear on Dylan, Lisa laughing, and a wet spot appear on my jeans. After that, it’s a flood. This is only the second time I’ve been hit. The other time was Christmas day. Lisa’s been hit over a dozen times with less opportunity. I’ve been the king of not being on the receiving end of Dylan’s showers, but clearly he likes to hit me in big moments (Christmas, on camera).


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