The Beginning of Solid Foods

“Solid foods,” is something I never used to say. Now, it’s all I can think about. Our boy is ready. I didn’t realize I wasn’t. Once an infant turns four months old, they are able to start eating solids (stage one). Some pediatricians prefer infants wait until six months. Dylan is a good eater, we got the green light, we began.

I love the evolution of our son, but as the great Paula Abdul once said, “I take two steps forward, I take two steps back.”

At this stage, breast-feeding and bottle feeding are quick, easy and routine. With solids, you have to be ready for a mess, potential allergies, and you don’t even get a caloric benefit. In the beginning, you’re only giving your kid about 40 calories worth of food, which is nothing compared to a regular bottle. It’s all about training. You’re “teaching” your kid how to have food in his mouth and swallow it.

Each food gets a three-day rotation, to make sure they aren’t allergic. We have now gone through sweat potatoes, carrots and pears. Rice cereal used to be the standard to start with, but there are a few reasons we didn’t go that route, with the main one being untested levels of arsenic. Yes, seriously.

While it is definitely amusing the first time, and not too bad the second time, by the third time the entertainment factor is nearing an end, and you’re just ready for him to get good at it. We started with him fully clothed, with a bid, and now he’s just in a diaper. The bath follows the feeding.

Even with the squeezable pouch food, you’ll need a spoon for the early feedings. My quest to be the most efficient parent ever is clearly being tested. Here are some early “highlights.”

His First: Sweet Potatoes

His Third: Pears


3 thoughts on “The Beginning of Solid Foods

  1. not to mention solid foods takes sooo much more time to feed them! We love using those mesh bags on a ring. (its almost like a popcicle). Our son loves frozen bananas in this. Helps his teeth feel better, he can feed himself, and its a lot less messy!

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