Practically the Same: Babies and Zombies

When Dylan first came into the world, I was on night duty and the third season of “Walking Dead” was on. It made perfect sense to hold him, face turned away from the TV, while I watched Rick and the others avoid the walkers. It was also inevitable for me to notice many similarities between my little guy and the walking dead.

Babies and Zombies are the Same

  • They both have a drooling problem.
  • They stick everything in their mouths to see if it is food.
  • You’ve never smelled anything like them before.
  • If they are able to walk, they do it very slow, looking drunk the whole time.
  • They moan even when they don’t mean to.
  • They don’t care what they look like.
  • Smart people want to avoid them for as long as possible.
  • They have a pretty lousy sense of humor.
  • If they don’t have teeth, you don’t have to worry about sticking a finger in their mouth.
  • They are both in desperate need of brains.
Practically the Same

Practically the Same


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