3 Baby Things I Wished I Owned (From the Beginning)

I thought I had the complete list of everything you needed/wanted to raise an infant. Review for yourself — The Checklist: Everything You Need to Own to Raise a 0 to 3 Month Old Infant. I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything. I was slightly wrong.

The Best Baby Carrier

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 12.14.22 PMI tried the Ergobaby and Baby K’tan and they do not compare to the BabyBjorn Active Baby Carrier. It feels absolutely more secure than the Baby K’tan and is much quicker to get your baby in and out of. The Baby K’tan may give you the option of distributing the weight better on your shoulders, but not enough to make a purchasing difference. Definitely go for the “Active” BabyBjorn because it does a superior job than the original on removing some of the weight on your shoulders, and putting it on your back. The Ergobaby has a side hold option that is nearly pointless, because it oddly puts the majority of the weight on your neck/shoulder. It also doesn’t allow for a front-facing hold. I’m keeping our Ergobaby around because it will evevntually serve useful in it’s baby backpack mode, which can hold your infant until they are 35 pounds. The BabyBjorn tops out at 26 pounds. Without a doubt, BabyBjorn Active Baby Carrier is the best I have tried.

Baby Back Seat Mirror

You can’t see your kid’s face when you are driving, and he is rear-facing. It’s just weird. I want to know if he is happy, sad, sleeping, or in desperate need to be cleaned up because he just spit up an ounce of milk. Get a back seat mirror. We went with Britax Back Seat Mirror because it’s bigger than most, but anything will do.

Bottle Warmer

We don’t have one. Instead, every time I take a bottle out, I run it under hot water, or let it sit in a coffee cup of hot water, and then I assume I’ve done it for long enough. We your baby is hungry, he is potentially hungry. You don’t want to think, you don’t want to wait, you don’t want to do anything except silence the screams by providing him with a bottle at the correct temperature. We are months away from being done with bottles, and for some reason I am not pulling the trigger on $30 Tommee Tippee Bottle Warmer (others are cheaper). My wife doesn’t think we need one. We are fools for not getting one. Thinking less, and crying less should ALLOWS be the goal with baby purchases.


One thought on “3 Baby Things I Wished I Owned (From the Beginning)

  1. Thanks for the tips! I was considering a baby carrier but wasn’t sure about them. This post has definitely convinced me on both that and the bottle warmer. (We already planned on a mirror.)

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