Reasons My 6.5-Month-Old Son is Amazing

Three months ago I wrote “Reasons My 3.5-Month-Old Son Sucks.” At that time, I said I would also write about what is good about my kid. It’s about time I give him some credit.

  • If another parent hangs out with him for longer than 30 minutes, they say, “You have such a calm baby.”
  • My old Pioneer trucker hat is his favorite toy.
  • He’s only had one cold.
  • He’s not an ugly baby. I don’t care about cute, but I’m pretty sure he’s not one of those babies that you compliment and then immediately when they are gone talk about how you wonder if the parents know they have an ugly baby.
  • His diaper rash has been gone for 4.5 months.
  • He doesn’t care about pacifiers.
  • If you remove the moments just before and after naps, he cries maybe once or twice in a typical week.
  • If I want, I can get him to laugh every single time he’s on the changing table.
  • He has started to notice, grab, and pull our dog Austin (who allows it to happen).
  • He’s eaten everything accept for one thing (avocado).
  • He sleeps like a champ. Typically getting 11.5 hours (7 p.m. to 6:30 a.m.), and three 45-minute naps.
  • When I read to him, sometimes he’ll spend the whole time looking at the book, then smiling at me, then looking at the book, then smiling at me.
  • His favorite book is “Trains Go,” and I like it too. FYI, if you didn’t know, the mountain trains go trip trap, fuff puff.
  • He smiles huge almost every time my wife gets home from work.
  • While I feel like I’m doing a pretty good job raising him so far, I am well-aware we’ve been very lucky with how happy and healthy he’s been. I give my wife’s DNA, Dylan, and luck all of the credit.



Playing WITH Dylan

It happened. We played together. I’m not talking about me handing him a toy, or him reaching for something. I’m talking about honest to goodness playing.

Here’s the complete progression …
At about 4.5 months I introduced “Hello, Goodbye.” Yes, it’s simply peek-a-boo, but I decided I wouldn’t say peek-a-boo, because it serves no real purpose in our society. Yup, I’m serious. I know even in typing this how crazy I sound.

I say, “Goodbye, Dylan” and put something over his face. I remove it and say, “Hello.”

Weeks go by, and he starts removing the object covering his face.

Weeks go by, and after a bath he kind of covers his face a little with the towel, in an attempt to play.

Then this happened. I started recording after about 30 seconds of him doing this. Sorry you have to listen to my annoying voice. This moment is the happiest I have been as a parent. Getting a tooth, turning over, eating solids … they are absolutely nothing compared to Dylan seeing me, and wanting to play with me. Some of you might watch this video and think, “That kid is just moving his head up and down, he has no clue that he’s playing with his dad.” Trust me. I am next to him for 95% of his life. I’ve seen the evolution. We’re playing with each other.