Playing Catch with my Son

This is the second time I did this with Dylan.
The first time occurred about 20 seconds beforehand. Lisa saw it, and decided it must be recorded.

I’m in absolute heaven with this video. Hearing him is the key.


Dump the Truck

If you chant it, he’ll do it. Hence … “Dump the truck.”

This is just one of those things. One day, I told him to dump the truck. He did. Then he started applauding himself after successfully dumping said truck. (Recording before he was really walking).

He has a dump truck. He’s wearing a shirt that says “Dump Truck.” Enjoy.

Dylan Meets His First Radio Flyer

My parents wanted to get Dylan his first Radio Flyer for Christmas. I had no problem with this. Since he’s only 1.1 years old, they decided it didn’t matter when he technically received the gift. I agreed. (This video is recorded mainly for my parents).

Dylan woke from a nap, I hit record.

I dinged the bell a couple of times. I put Dylan on top of the Radio Flyer. I hit record.