Dump the Truck

If you chant it, he’ll do it. Hence … “Dump the truck.”

This is just one of those things. One day, I told him to dump the truck. He did. Then he started applauding himself after successfully dumping said truck. (Recording before he was really walking).

He has a dump truck. He’s wearing a shirt that says “Dump Truck.” Enjoy.

Dylan Meets His First Radio Flyer

My parents wanted to get Dylan his first Radio Flyer for Christmas. I had no problem with this. Since he’s only 1.1 years old, they decided it didn’t matter when he technically received the gift. I agreed. (This video is recorded mainly for my parents).

Dylan woke from a nap, I hit record.

I dinged the bell a couple of times. I put Dylan on top of the Radio Flyer. I hit record.