On October 27, 2012 I became a parent with little to no effort. Honestly, it’s easy. My wife feels differently. The current plan is that she will take eight weeks to be with our new, healthy baby boy. After that, I’m the leader. She’s a doctor, I’m a writer. We did the math, crunched the numbers and eventually realized this was the only realistic option. This website will be dedicated to me discovering what kind of father I will be. It will also serve as a record of events, since I have an absolutely terrible memory and will not be able to recall much of this later in my life. I will try to be as honset as possible.

My goal is because an extraordinarily efficient parent.

The plan is to not go crazy with pictures. If you know my wife, you can email her for those. I promise to never go third-person and tell you what my baby is thinking, unless he specifically tells me what he is thinking. I will be honset about the stress, the random thoughts, and most importantly, if my baby is ugly, I shall be the first one to scream from the mountain tops that you should look away and not make eye contact with the hideous beast.

Dylan James Bayer came into the world on 9:14 a.m. on October 27, 2012. He weighed 6 lbs. 14 oz. and stretched out at 19.5 inches.

Game. Changer.


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